Welcome to the first step on your mental wellness journey.

We build plans around you that are easily navigated and delivered by expert teams.

On-demand access to virtual care and services built specifically for you. In person sessions as needed.

Bell Health is here to help you develop and stay with a program of mental health support.

Collaboratively developing a mental health plan which directly connects patients with the appropriate mental health practitioners to deliver an ongoing, engaged approach to improving mental health.

We work with you at every step and adjust your plan as needs change.

Why Bell Health?

Unlike other options, Bell Health takes a hands on approach by directly connecting you with the appropriate mental health practitioner. Bell Health then provides ongoing support and tracking in collaboration with you and your practitioners to help achieve overall mental wellness.

1. The first step on your healthcare journey is to determine your needs.

To start your journey our Care Navigators use wellness assessments and one on one discussion of your individual needs.
We understand everyones journey to wellness is different and we take the time to listen.
An initial assessment is undertaken by video chat in the comfort of your own home with a Qualified Medical Practitioner.

2. Find the right provider. Aligned to your needs.

Pre-screened expert team built specifically around your needs.
We find and match you to a mental health provider based on your goals, needs, location, and other factors.
We find you the right fit with peace of mind of an expert pre-screened medical team.
Tele-mental health
We use tele-therapy and tele-psychiatry sessions to reduce barriers to accessing care.
You can connect via video chat for comfort and convenience.
This means more flexibility and minimises disruption of normal life or working days.

3. Create a tailored plan for you with expert teams.

Outcome focussed Medical Staff with evidence-based approach, both online and in person ensure we tailor a specific plan built around you.
Your plan may consist of medical practitioners, digital CBT, nutritionist advice, exercise, and other professional support services.
Our technology platform enables collaboration of all team members built around you at the centre of the plan.
You have one provider and Care Navigator to deal with acting as your Patient Advocate.

4. Ongoing support at every step and adjust plans as needs change.

We ensure your doctor and your mental health provider work together to create the right plan for you.
We facilitate collaboration and stay connected with you throughout your care.
Our Care Navigators are trained to guide you through every step of the process.
We deliver you get the right treatment at the right time and manage your wellness journey.

Navigation of services. Removing the barriers to effective care.

We understand that navigating the Mental Healthcare System is confusing and difficult enough during the best of times. Treatment and contact is often sporadic and not a continuous program of holistic care.
Our trained Navigators, Clinicians and providers are supported by technology to ensure a smooth journey and keep patients informed at all times. Human interaction and consistent encouragement mean individuals feel supported throughout their wellness journey.

We work with you at every step and adjust your plan as needs change.